Increase compliance

Gain visibility with centralized credentialing and expiration alerts

Accelerate time to credential

Clear providers to start work faster by simplifying credential management

Improve provider satisfaction

Empower providers with 24/7 credentialing self-service on any device

Provide self-service credentialing

Offer self-service credentialing on any device so providers can easily upload and update their credentials while onboarding and on assignment. Ensure your providers stay compliant with automated expiration alerts direct to the provider and your team.

Gain full compliance visibility

Provide your credential specialists with a full visibility into the compliance status of your entire workforce. Store and share credentials in a centralized location with an all-in-one view for each provider by placement, view requirement checklists for each placement, and help your team understand where to focus their time.

Automate credential expiration alerts

Ensure your entire workforce stays compliant with automated credential expiration alerts. Your providers will be notified to update their credentials and your credential specialists will be notified of the expiring credential so they can follow up.

RN Network elevates their candidate experience with a unified credentialing solution

RN Network, a CHG company, was looking to streamline their credentialing process as the healthcare staffing industry evolved. They searched for an automated solution that would improve the candidate experience while saving their team time, ensuring they would get the right healthcare professionals cleared to work.

One of the areas I oversee is credentialing and it was one of the areas we were excited to improve. It is a pain point across healthcare staffing and across hospitals…The Bullhorn platform assisted us in automating things, providing updates, and collecting documentation.
Amy Reed Vice President Operational Strategy

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