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Social Responsibility

There’s a tremendous focus on ensuring fair practices for factory and farm workers in the apparel industry, but digital work is often overlooked. The unfortunate truth is that digital workers are vulnerable to the same risks other industrialized workers face, often with less regulatory oversight. We are actively fighting against unethical practices in the labor market and providing a safe and inspiring work environment for all our employees. We call this ‘impact sourcing’, and it means we strive to be a partner that offers ethical and smart outsourcing. Read more about what Impact Sourcing is here.

We achieve this through many means, including hiring local management and HR teams and promoting and hiring within. It’s important to us that our employees take pride in their jobs and that they enjoy going to work each and every day. We want to increase opportunities for employees, both at Pixelz and later in life, so we provide extensive education in English, soft skills, and technical skills through our internal Pixelz Academy.

Pixelz Pixelz
Pixelz Pixelz

Pixelz Academy

Beyond supporting our employees with personal development, we are proud of the e-learning academy we developed. The Pixelz Academy is an online platform to train employees in technical photoshop skills and our own proprietary software. Like any other online course, we provide instructional videos, tools, and tasks to ensure newly learned concepts are fully mastered.


REACH Vietnam

REACH is a non-profit organization specializing in vocational training, career advice, and job placement for marginalized youth in Vietnam. Trainees at REACH participate in 3 months of classroom training and then get the opportunity to practice their new skills in work settings before pursuing job opportunities.

Over 160 employees are from the REACH program

We are proud to work with REACH for the last ten years and hire many of the talented graduates of REACH.

Our Values

Let Data Decide

We are passionate but objective. We make informed decisions that are driven by data and guided by intuition.

Build Genuine Relationships

We are in it for the long term. We treat our colleagues, customers, and partners openly and honestly.

Own It

We empower each other to act when we see an issue or opportunity. We take pride in our work, speak up, and continuously improve without the fear of failing.