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AI Tools

AI in Photo Editing

Photo editing with AI is reliable, quick, and cost-effective. As AI technology continues to advance, it becomes more crucial to properly integrate and implement these AI tools. At Pixelz, our AI tools are seamlessly integrated into our workflows and perform tasks they excel at. We’ve been working over the past 5 years, training our AI and perfecting the way AI fits into our workflow.

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Specialist Assisted Workflow - Hybrid Approach to AI

Humans and AI each have strengths and combining the two for photo editing brings out the best in each. We’ve also coupled the hybrid approach with our Specialist Assisted Workflow (S.A.W.). S.A.W. turns photo editing into a virtual assembly line isolating each step in the workflow. It’s the perfect scenario for AI development as AI can be trained on a very specific task such as layer masking.

Because our image editing steps are isolated in S.A.W. it’s easier to add in AI when it’s developed or remove it if it’s not running properly.

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Our AI Resume
(Slow & Steady Growth)

Developing AI tools has not been a race, we’ve been on a slow and steady path of research, development, and implementation for the past 10 years. The more we implement and the more the technology advances we are able to increase the amount of automation in our workflows.

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AI & Automation Tools

From workflows to the image itself, our AI tools are integral to delivering
you consistent images on time:

Meet Our AI Team

We wish we could say all of us at Pixelz are AI experts. But we actually do have quite a few of those in-house. Sébastien Eskenazi leads our Research and Development, with a PhD in Computer Vision, he truly is an expert when it comes to AI. His team works on new algorithms and automation to see how far we can push AI in photo editing.

Learn more about AI from Sebastien in his FLOW session here.

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